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The Höfner 500/5 bass was first produced in 1957 and continued until the early 1970s.


It is a large hollow bodied bass, designed around the big archtop guitars that were extremely popular in the 1950s. The body is 17 inches wide across the lower bout though only 2.5 inches deep, like the “thinline” models of that period.. It is fitted with a short scale (30 “) neck, standard to all Höfner basses, which aids playability on such a big guitar.


It is exactly same (except this one is blonde) as the one used by Stu Sutcliffe in the early Beatles. Stu's bass had serial number 199 and this one has serial number 195. They are like twins!!


It also has a crazy flamed back as you can see on the pictures!


Date on plate : 179 (week 17th of 1959)

Serial number : 195

Recent gigbag included


Please note that it would need a neck reset, reason why the price is so attractive.

1959 Hofner 500/5

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