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The Gibson ES140 serves as a compact counterpart to the renowned Gibson ES175. Production of the ES140 commenced in 1950 with a full-body design, which persisted until 1956 when the model transitioned to a thinline version known as the ES140T, denoting its thinner profile. Models from 1956 could be identified as either ES140 or ES140T.


Despite its shorter scale length, it retains all the hallmark features of high-end Gibson instruments while offering enhanced playability and portability. Constructed with laminated maple for the top, back, and rims, it is outfitted with Kluson tuners, a P90 pickup, and volume and tone controls. Remarkably, this model remained unchanged until its discontinuation in 1968.


This 1957 Sunburst ES140T is exceptionally preserved, boasting all original parts in superb condition, devoid of any breaks or repairs. It is an export model which means it has been directly shipped out of the USA after production as the "made in the USA" stamp on back of headstock indicates. It is also stamped "2" (factory second) because of a cosmetic (not structural) default which is not visible anymore after nearly 70 years. It is accompanied by its original Lifton brown case featuring a pink interior, a rarity often absent in other offerings. Such pristine condition is rare to come by, making this piece truly exceptional.

1957 Gibson ES140T

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