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What we have here is a very early 1957 Fender Stratocaster in almost all original condition (only volume pot changed).


Neck has a very confortable V shape with original finish (dated 1-57) and original tuners (single line Kluson). Body has his original finish and is dated december 1956 (12/56) in the tremolo cavity.


Original pickups have nice output (see below) with original wiring. Tone Pots are dated August 1956 (304 633). Volume pot is recent


This strat still has bakelite parts which is not uncommon on an early 57 strat.


Comes with original Fender hardcase, tremolo arm, bridge cover and strap.


Body date : 12-56

Neck date : 1-57

serial : 15031

Neck pickup output : 5.48 Ohms

Middle pickup output : 5.53 Ohms

Bridge pickup output : 5.37 Ohms

Tone Pots date : 304633 (stackpole, 33th week of 1956).

Volume pot : replacment

1957 Fender Stratocaster

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