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"New Yorker", here is a name which in the "Big Apple" of the fifties obviously refers to the great lutherie of John d'Angelico.


However, this is a modest Gretsch model compared to the works of the Master of the luxury professional arch top! "New-Yorker" is a more amused than marketed semantic borrowing from the New York company Gretsch to offer the market a simple and affordable guitar of good quality in the spirit of the great models of the genre.


Today, the "New Yorkers" are sought after both by lovers of the brand, a bit rocker or picker, and by old-fashioned jazzmen. The table on this specific model is massive, the neck is big but very comfortable. Dynamics and sound projection are there. Lovers of swing & jive, of Freddy Green, this guitar is made for you!


Note that this "New Yorker" - unlike most of its sisters of the same age and lot - is perfectly playable with new fretting (with binding on the frets please!) and a velvet action worthy of a high-end guitar. ex-factory range.


Mounted in Thomastik bronze 13 for jazz, in 12 for country-western picking, or even in pure nickel flat wound strings for "Beatlian" rhythms, this is the typical sound of the arch top "F holes" of the fifties with a musician's instrument that has never stopped playing. Compared to attempts to reissue this type of entry-level arch top, here is an instrument at a still derisory price in view of its noble supplies and its assured craftsmanship. The very spirit of vintage!

1950 Gretsch New Yorker

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